I Love Tomorrow [2016]

There is a cry for Artists / Musicians to start speaking up again, and no wonder with what’s going on in current world events!

From a surge in Nigel Farage [UKIP] / Donald Trump support to unelected leaders like Theresa May / Boris Johnson coming in to office & with Tony Blair / George W. Bush getting away with their part in the Iraq War - enough was enough.

So here is our contribution:

Our brand new video edit for our track 'I Love Tomorrow' from our 2nd album 'Inamorata', with special guest 'Aaron Livingston' on vocals [Son Little, The Roots, RJD2] reflecting the 'today' we live in with the message of pulling together against the 1%, to make a better Today & Tomorrow!


& to my fellow Artists / Musicians, I ask you to join me – get your message out there too!